Spain, Murcia

Calabardina to Mazarron - 0 km - Tuesday 25th December 2007

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A day trip to Mazarron for a Christmas picnic at the harbour.

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Diary - Top

We went by car to Puerto Mazarron. Here we researched some bus times and then went onto the port area. We had a picnic by the harbour. Our route was through the mountains.

Today we got up leisurely at 6am and had carvar and a hot croissant with Spanish butter and honey. Then I prefabricated the Christmas dinner. Later we went out by car to Puntas de Calnegre where we had elevenses and then on to Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazzarón. We tried to find the bus station in Mazarrón and failed. That is because it is in Puerto de Mazarrón. We wrote down the times of buses that might be useful.

Then we went to the marine parade to look for and ice-cream cossack where we could use the toilets. Casa Thé looked open but when we went in they said it was for a private party so that was that (cue for John and Elizabeth's Turkish wedding story?) When we did find a cafe open for business (not a very nice one) we went in one at a time to the toilets and as they were at the far end this took some time. Then by the time we were all relieved no one had come to take our order so we left and finished looking at the harbour. We had our picnic. Salman, olives, avocado and fruit. On the way back I looked for a taxi rank as we shall need one tomorrow. I failed but luckily spotted a mip which showed where the rank was - right by the port as it happens. On our return I put a note through Rob and Donna's door to say thank you for the angels. I used one of the one-to-me notelets I had given Neil for Christmas about "which beasts you can allow into the hall". Certainly not pussies.

For Christmas Dinner we had chicken and lots of trimmings. The chicken was nice and easy too because it was bought pre-cooked from Mercadona. Later we found a similar pre-cooked duck but we didn't buy it because our fridge was full already.

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