Spain, Murcia

Car tour - Tuesday 1st January 2008

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Diary - Top

We took the hire car on a circular route to Pulpí and back to Águilas where we had a new year's day picnic.

We had a trip in the car to see Pulpi and Aguilas. It was a nice circular and we had lunch in Aguilas. This is truly the area of the lettuce – Huge areas of lettuce monoculture are probably for all the hotels in all the costas who make those lovely salads. We saw a solar furnace which was quite a sight and brumes (fog) and nibbles (mist) in the hills. In the sunny areas of Spain there are some experimental power plants. Dozens of huge steerable mirrors focus the sun's heat onto a furnace where steam is generated to make electricity.

On our way home we found a Jet ski party. The beach was full of people eating and drinking and going out on the jet skis. There seems to be a tradidtion of communal sport in Spain. We also saw many cycling teams burning up the kilometres.

One needs to be fit for walking trips. Both Neil and to a lesser extent, Anne have suffered from bloat. This only seems to happen in Spain and we have developped a hypothesis. The only commonly available joghurt with real fruit is the Danone Activia "anti bloat" brand. If your guts are in initially good order, eating this product seems to alter the bowell ecology actually causing bloat. We plan to do some tests to see if we are right or if some other factor such as increased physical activity is the cause.

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